Inflatable Selection When Starting Out

Getting into this business, you spend a lot of time thinking about your first inflatable purchases.  You don’t have a past history of knowing what rents, which makes it tough.  You probably ask your own kids and their friends for opinions on what they like  And that might give you some ideas, but probably the wrong ones.

In my experience, I would go with generic (no theme) inflatables first.  The standard red, blue, yellow castle or bounce & slide combo is always in style.  Since they are generic, they can fit in with any party theme.  Once you choose a theme, you are really limiting the amount of potential customers you have for that inflatable.  For example, I have a SpongeBob bounce & slide combo from Ninja Jump.  My kids used to love SpongeBob (actually still do).  I loved SpongeBob.  Who doesn’t love SpongeBob?  Turns out a lot of people.  At the same time I purchased a generic castle combo, also from Ninja Jump.  That one rents out like crazy, so I added a second.  The SpongeBob combo rents, but way too often I hear from the parents in the booking process that they think it is to “babyish” for their kid.  And their kid is 8!  I thought that’s exactly who SpongeBob was for?  I also have a SpongeBob slip-n-slide.  Same problem.  By the time the kids are old enough to have the coordination to actually run, build up speed, dive onto the slip-n-slide with enough velocity to travel 30 feet, they have outgrown the theme.

So, my advice to you is keep it simple when starting out.  You don’t want to eliminate half (or more) of your potential customer base by picking a theme you think is great, but they think otherwise.

About the Author

Rob Rob Boing Profile PicWright is Founder & CEO of Bounce Rental Solutions and Owner of Boing! Bounce Rentals