About Me and This Blog

Hi, I’m Rob Wright, co-owner of Boing! Bounce Rentals (www.boingbounce.com) and Bounce Rental Solutions (www.bouncerentalsolutions.com).  Boing! is obviously a party equipment rental company specializing in inflatables.  Bounce Rental Solutions (BRS) is a web-based reservation and management software for the party rental industry.  At the time of this writing (February 2015), BRS is still in the development stage with an expected launch date of sometime in the Spring 2015.  I have previous experience working for and owning web-based software businesses, starting as an employee with a B2B dotcom just days before the tech bubble burst in March of 2000.  Boing! was started by me in 2002, so I certainly have some experience in the party rental area as well.

Enough about me, now about this blog.  My intention is to share my past experiences, what I have learned, and maybe most interesting, what I intend to do.  To be clear, the blog will be about my rental business, not about the software business.  I’m sure I will mention the software from time to time, as systems are an important component to running a successful business, but the focus will be about how to grow a rental business.

From talking to many other bounce rental company owners over the years, I’ve found most of us have the same issues.  My hope is to provide solutions that will help you take your business to the next level.

About the Author

Rob Rob Boing Profile PicWright is Founder & CEO of Bounce Rental Solutions and Owner of Boing! Bounce Rentals



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